International Tabletop Day 2016


If you are reading this, you are probably aware that 30th April 2016 is International Tabletop Day. If you don’t know what that is, firstly you’re probably wondering what you are doing here, and secondly, let me fill in the details …

International Tabletop Day is basically this man’s fault;


You may recognise the face of Wil Wheaton – actor, writer, blogger, presenter and all round geek-in-chief. You may have guessed I have a bit of a soft spot for Mr Wheaton – which is ironic considering as a kid I really did not like Wesley Crusher on Star Trek. If you are reading this Mr Wheaton (and the chances are very, very slight) I was an idiot. You are awesome.

Where was I again?

In 2012 Wil was responsible for bringing us the Youtube show Tabletop in which he and several celebrity guests play a tabletop game. It is not a game review show, but more of a showcase and you get to share in the social experience of a few people playing a game together. It has had a proven effect on sales of the games shown on the series. It has also won the 2013 Diana Jones Award for excellence in gaming and the 2013 Gold ENnie for Best Podcast.

In 2013 the first day dedicated to playing Tabletop Games was launched from the show’s popularity with a live stream presented by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. Game clubs and games stores across several countries have got involved and each year seems to have got bigger and bigger.

This Saturday will be the fourth International Tabletop Day and I would encourage all readers to go and find out what is on in their local area. For example, Forbidden Planet stores are running introduction games and our local board game café is also getting in the act. There are also events at our local game club and hopefully a few of my friends are getting in on the act at my place.

I know we don’t really need an excuse to get together and play our games, but if we get a day for it, then why the hell not?


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