AireCon – Here We Come!


The working week is done. So that can only mean one thing – that I am about to get into my car and do the rather long drive up to the North of England and hit AireCon. Regrettably real life prevents me making the full Friday to Sunday experience, but I will be there bright and breezily tomorrow morning.


Since I started Prepare For Boarding, I never thought that it would end up with me getting an invite to convention season and I am very much looking forwards to seeing what delights the convention and Harrogate has to offer.


I have also been asked to sit on one of the panels, so if you are going and want to gaze upon the visage of the idiot who writes this stuff, feel absolutely free to come to see me at 5pm on Sunday. There is a panel on tonight at 5pm which will feature the lovely Mike from Who Dares Rolls amongst others.


To anyone going, I hope you enjoy it and if you see a tall bearded man bumbling around, not sure as to what he is doing there, please feel free to say hi


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